Dental Facial Attractiveness

The importance of Dental facial attractiveness to the psycho social well-being of an individual has been well published. As an attractive smile has always been the focal point of attention in any aesthetic procedure the aesthetic dentist seeks not only to improve the aesthetic appearance of the patient but also to improve the patient’s self-esteem the positive affects of the restoration on the patient smile appearance self-esteem and general mental health should not be underestimated the influence of a beautiful smile on our overall facial aesthetics well-being and self image is quite obvious A display of pleasing in tact intuition is the key element into creation of an attractive smile
The recognition of these factors and the increase in the number of patients seeking to improve their appearance have compel the dental profession to address more challenges in aesthetic dentistry and to respond to the needs of their patients the influence of the smile on facial aesthetics is well recognized by society it can be said that better smile‘s are being equated with better living a beautiful smile seems to reflect a certain style of living in the hands of an official beauty is one of the primary goals of patients seeking elective dental care

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